Graphite on Bristol Smooth

   This portrait is of our childhood dog.  He was a sweet, loving dog and Genghis Khan of the neighborhood possibly fathering hundreds of  pups throughout the surrounding area.  He bears a very strong resemblance to this dog and most certainly could be Khaki’s granddoggie.  He was closer to my little sister than the rest of us and was she devastated when he left one afternoon and never returned home.  I  don’t know if he went away to die (he was really old), or he got shot, but we hoped that another family adopted him.  Anyway, my mom asked me to draw this for her for Christmas and of course I was more than happy to do it.   She loved it and I think it was her favorite gift!

Be Well and have a Happy New Year!


One thought on “Khaki….

  1. You are so good with animals. I bet your Mother did like it. I really like my doggie pictures and all the other you gave me.

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