My new pretty….

     I have a few things to post, but I thought today I would share a very special birthday gift, my easel.   My old easel did not work very well and when I would paint, 9 times out of 10 the easel as well as my canvas ( wet with paint) would land in the floor.   Now, I could beat the canvas to pieces and my new easel will take it like a champ.

    The oil painting on the easel is one that my Dad and I were working on Thanksgiving.  It’s a Bob Ross  style painting.   The portion on the right isn’t finished, but I hope to complete it very soon. 

Well, I’m off to paint:) 

 Be Well and Happy!

3 thoughts on “My new pretty….

  1. What a great present, it looks really sturdy, just what you need. The painting looks really cool too..very full of depth and colour, very Bob Ross. I love watching his tutorials, I have never yet tried to one but one day may be….

  2. Sure looks like you could draw a pretty kitty picture on that thing. We’ll see if we can get ya a little more to work with on the subjects 🙂 Happy New Year!

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