Saying Goodbye….(for now)

Mtn. Dew canEDM #116 Draw something green

Graphite on sketch

      Sorry, the image is a little crooked.  But I’m feeling rather crooked at the moment.  This is my third week of no soft drinks, chips, cookies, cheese, white bread, pasta, candy bars, ice cream or any thing else that tastes really good but is extremely bad for you.  I have already lost about 6 pounds which is really good considering that I haven’t been working out, but it’s still very hard.   I still drink a half a cup of coffee in the morning and tea if I start getting caffeine withdrawal headaches, but mostly its water for me about 3-4 liters of it a day.   The whole family is in on it, so it could be worse…  But eating healthy?  Counting calories and fat grams?  It isn’t fun so don’t believe the hype!

    I’m not giving up on junk  forever.  But like most things are fine every once in a while, but not fine everyday.  I was promised that I won’t miss them after a while.  

 HA! I still want it, so we’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye….(for now)

  1. I guess that’s good news/bad news. After a couple of months you won’t miss most of that stuff. I’ve been without wheat for 2 weeks now. I think it’s my new allergy.

  2. This is fantastic Carol! 🙂 I’ve done limited amount of metallic stuff, mostly just faces. I really like it as it really shines and the tones are just great.

  3. Great sketch – especially as you are missing your ‘treats’! Well done on your efforts so far – before long you will feel so good that you won’t want to go back to old eating habits.
    Must confess that coffee is my downfall. Don’t see the point of decaffinated but have managed to cut down to three cups a day. I am sticking at that!

  4. It’s a very nice drawing, and I applaud your success in avoiding all those temptations! Good for you – you’re doing a great job. Keep it up – you won’t be sorry. nancy

  5. That’s a great drawing! I guess drawing all the stuff that is bad for you is better than consuming it! I admire your strength to manage to avoid all those things at once. Good for you!

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