Graphite on Bristol Smooth

EDM# 36 Draw in Public

     I usually draw or read while Alana has soccer practice, but I sit far enough away that no one can see what I’m doing.  So Saturday I pulled my chair up with everyone else pulled out my supplies and began to work on this drawing.  Everything was fine at first, then questions started.   What are you doing?  Why are you drawing that?  Are you an artist? And then they were silently watching me .   I got very nervous,  and my face was getting hot and my ears starting to burn.  I knew they were turning red .  So with my embarrassment meter on high alert, I made an excuse to put my art supplies back in my bag.   I don’t know if I was bothered by the questions or that fact that so much attention was focused on what I was doing.   Very thought provoking…

     Now about the dog.  Her name is Storm and she is my friend’s pit bull.  She is a very sweet natured dog.  I know there is a stigma attached to this breed, but this dog loves children and is constantly socialized.  To tell you the truth I couldn’t pick a pit bull out of a line up, and I certainly would not have guessed that Storm was a pit bull. 

9 thoughts on “Storm

  1. no matter what anyone says I will never believe its just a matter of prsctice about this type of public sketching–it
    just might be in my (and others) DNA to detest doing it..

  2. ^^ Yeah, I had the same stares when I was drawing a dragon in the train heading towards my airport. The lady was pretending to be reading a book, but I knew she was staring the whole time >_< and then in the plane I could have sworn that the girl at the back row took a picture of me sketching.
    Storm looks really good by the way! 🙂

  3. Oh yeah, even though your stuff is great I can’t believe that you actually hoped that drawing in public would be easy. I think it would only be relaxing with a group of us (like-minded, same focus individuals) Scarey stuff! LOL

  4. First of all Fantastic sketch and done under such pressure!! Second, I can feel your angst myself, I have only tried quick pencil sketches, stashed before anyone can get too close. I suspect it takes time and you are so talented it is no wonder you draw a crowd. Try sketching among friends to feel a little less public.

  5. Terrific drawing! I’m right there with you about drawing in public only you held out much longer than I would have been able to 🙂

  6. You might try learning “mind your own business in Finnish or Japanese and pretend you don’t understand English! LOL!!! Lovely drawing. Pit Bulls were bred to fight other dogs, but to never bite the owner, so they are people friendly for the most part if they are well socialized. It’s the few that have been unsocialized and are fearful of humans that cause so much of the problem, when they see small children as prey (like other dogs).

  7. Your work is Superb!I feel the same way!I cannot draw if anyone is staring at me :)I like the response of the other ladies ..really don’t let it bother you!

  8. ohhh I just wanted to hugh that poor little pretty dog….It looked that real…………….

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