Well,  This what I’ve been up too for the last week or so…beading…and lots of it!  I’ve been beading for about twelve hours a day.  It seems like a lot of pieces for just a hobby, doesn’t it?   This  time it wasn’t just for the fun of it.  My friend and I are hosting an artisan jewelry party, and I’m very excited.   We both love to paint and bead and have so many beads that we didn’t know what to do with them.  So we decided that since we get conned into so many jewelry parties, we would bead like crazy and have our own party.   We don’t expect to get rich, although it would be nice.  But it’s fair to assume that we well at least make a little extra money to support our hobby.  

The prices will be more than affordable so I have no fear that they will sell, and there is always craft fairs to think about.  The great thing about beading these was that I had almost everything on hand.  The only thing I had to buy were toggle clasps, crimps, and more tiger wire.  

      I love how everything turned out.  The large bead necklaces are really beautiful.  The wire wrapped glass you have already seen,  but I beaded instead of using cord.  The hook thingies is really some kind of tool, but I thought they would make cool bookmarks.  Then there is the little cell phone/zipper charms.   I like the key chains too. But the  beaded candle holders?  I don’t think that I will do any more of those.  The wire that I used was so fine that I cut myself all to pieces!  I tried gloves, but they were too bulky, and it just isn’t worth it to me unless I find another way to wrap. 

     I have a couple more pieces that I will post later. I didn’t get them completed until I uploaded these pictures.  One thing that you don’t see is earrings.  I completely forgot about those.  If I have time I will be making those also.   I think after this is over I am going to take a break to do some drawing and painting.  Well, I want too anyway.  I miss it! I haven’t drawn in two weeks.  Maybe if I was a better multitasker and could have gotten some drawing in, but my brain doesn’t function that way.  Yep, I’m the type that can’t do laundry and clean at the same time.  It’s either/or with me.   (Or sometimes neither)

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