Valentine’s Day Card

alanas-valentine-card   This is a Valentine that I made for Alana.  I made David one too.  There wasn’t much to his though.  I found a quote and I wrote it in calligraphy on a card with some hearts.  I thought it was a beautiful quote and being that it was straight forward and not as dramatic as most cards seem to be, I thought he’d get it and appreciate the fact that it wasn’t mushy.  I think he liked it.  (I still don’t think he got it though) and Alana loved hers.

      I had planned some time back to do some candy ACEO’s for Valentine’s Day.  But my two Valentine’s Day cards were about it.   I was sick for about a week and I thought I may have gotten a stomach virus, but there were two obvious symptoms that I won’t name that you could probably guess that I didn’t have.  I was just weak and nauseous and I couldn’t eat.  But it left as mysterious as it came.  I don’t know what it was.  I thought when you quit smoking this new healthy and energetic person would emerge, but heck, I have been sick ever since with something and I am pretty sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  I told David if it kept on I was going to start back. 

      Last week I switched gears and did a lot  of beading that I will probably post tomorrow.  It’s a nice change from drawing.  I think it’s good to have more that one hobby even though it isn’t too good for your pocketbook.  

      Well, the dryer is buzzing.  So that’s a little clue of what is in store for me today.  Oh, Joy!

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Card

  1. Very pretty card! DO NOT START SMOKING AGAIN! Maybe taking some vitamins would help with your energy – not as many as I take, just a good multi-vitamin. Hope David’s back is getting better.

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