More Jewelry…

doughnut-necklacespolymer-necklace1   These are the last two pieces that I completed. The necklace on the bottom right is a polymer necklace.  The doughnut and the blue beads are handmade.  The jewelry party went pretty good, but most importantly is that we all had such a good time.  I never did make any earrings, but I will make up for that (eventually).  

     I was going to post this yesterday but I had a sick baby girl that needed to be spoiled with extra attention.  We piled in my bed for just about the whole day.  She watched TV in a medicated state and I got some drawing in.   By 8:00 that night she tied a circle  thingie to the top of the bed,  balled paper balls and started shooting hoops.  I knew then that she was well enough to go to school today.  She never did have a fever or anything like that, I really don’t know what her ailment was.  I told you, we’ve become a sickly bunch this winter.   But hopefully winter will be over soon and spring will be around the corner.  Yeah, right!

One thought on “More Jewelry…

  1. She just needs Grandma to come see her. If Grandma ever gets her life straightened out so she can run away from home for more than one day at a time.

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