Wire wrapped glass


         This is some glass that I wrapped with wire and a washer that I also wrapped a while back.  I intended to enclose memory wire in hemp cord using the square knot pattern to make a choker, but now I am leaning toward suede or silk cord.  This isnt’ sea glass, although putting it side by side, I don’t see any difference.     

     Just in case you wondering… sea glass is glass from broken bottles, dishes, or anything glass  that has been thrown into the ocean.  Then, the sand and waves acts as a tumbler polishing and buffing the edges and gives a frosted appearance. They end their journey washed out on the beach like sea shells.   We only live 45 minutes from Virginia Beach, so when it warms up a bit I want to go out there for the day and go scavenger hunting, before  the touring season hits. 

     On the art front, I am working on a picture in acrylic that I got from Vicki.  And I am in the process of doing some Valentine ACEO’s involving candy.   Alana and I keep eating the props so that project is iffy at best. 

alanas-bridge      This a picture of a bridge that Alana made in Technology Education.  The bridge was in a designing bridges competition and she won 1st place for the most creative bridge.  The green stuff is glue that the had to use.   She is definitely following in her Daddy’s footsteps.  alanas-bridge-certificate1

    This is her medal and certificate.   I promised Alana that I would post this on my blog.  So here it is.  Congratulations Sweetie and keep up the good work!  We are very proud of you!

5 thoughts on “Wire wrapped glass

  1. I love the wrapped glass and washer.

    I read in an article (an interview with a jeweller who uses sea glass) that it is become more and more difficult to come by. She said she thought it would become as precious as some of the precious stones soon!

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