Acrylic on 5 x 7 canvas

  This is the first and only painting that I’ve done so far with my new acrylic.  I know that it’s a little boring, but I was just playing around with mixing colors.  I am pretty happy with the way the pear turned out although the background was suppose to be gold but it turned out a little too green and it sort of blends in with the pear.  It would have looked better if the background was a burgundy or maybe a burnt umber, but who cares….it was just practice anyway.  

     I really haven’t drawn or painted anything for a little while because I have been down with a sinus infection that has been pretty brutal, David’s back is out again and Alana is stopped up.  So, we have been a pitiful bunch.  I have noticed that colds and stuffy noses doesn’t get to kids as much as adults and Alana was able to play soccer like a champ and seemed unfazed that she could only breath through one nostril.  She made 3 goals and they won the game.  Meanwhile, I was in the stands and the light was hurting by eyes and I was praying that the game would be over soon.  Of course, I had to root for my child, so on top of everything else, now I have a sore throat.  I just love winter.    I am feeling some better so I hope I can get some art therapy in very soon.





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