Old sketches . . .

     Yes, this is a cop out.  It means that I haven’t done anything  post worthy.   But, these are some old sketches of flowers that I completed when I first started learning how to draw.  I found them on my computer and I don’t have these anymore.   I gave them to my brother-in-law and he framed them in beautiful black frames.  I must say that no matter how bad you think something looks, you mat and frame it, it makes it look alot prettier.  He emailed me a picture of them hanging on his wall and I wished that I would have kept the picture to show you.

    Everything is getting back to normal around here.  THANK GOODNESS!  With my sinuses, David’s back and Alana getting a cold it has been nothing but somebody complaining about everything  24/7.   But, I have been wire wrapping glass for pendants and I’ve also made a couple of necklaces that I will post soon.  I have also been trying to learn how paint  Alana’s portrait in colored pencil.  I’ve been working on it for a week.  Over and Over. I still can’t get it and I am completely frustrated.  I probably started the picture 10 times and scrapped each and every one of them.   So today I put it away for a while and made Valentine’s Day cards for Alana and David.  I really enjoy making cards, and took my mind off the fact that Alana’s color portrait tanked.  –Can you say, “Instant Gratification.”

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