EDM #18 Draw a view

Derwent graphtints, .05 pen on watercolor paper



     This morning brings us at home a gloomy and cold start, I hope it warms up as the day goes on.  I just noticed that my door knob on my sketch is way too high LOL.  In these excercises I draw really fast so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I don’t change my screw ups,  I try to learn from them.    

     I haven’t had time for drawing these last few days.  Karen and I finally got use our birthday gift certificates to the spa on Saturday.  IT WAS HEAVEN!!  The massage was 45 minutes of complete bliss.  Seriously, by the time she was finished, and I got off the table I was so relaxed that I could hardly walk.  The lunch was tastey, but  the pedicure….not so much.  She did a good job, but I really don’t like anyone touching my feet.  We were so pampered that it was almost embarrassing.  

     I also went to the library and checked out some books on art journaling, color theory and other art stuff that I found interesting.  So for the last few days I have been reading some intense material on colors and  I’ve been taking notes.  It’s boring stuff really,  but it’s information that I need so I guess I’ll suffer through it.  I hope I can get some painting in, but I’ll have to wait and see.  I did paint a piece of fruit last week, but I can’t seem to get a good picture, and my scanner doesn’t like my fruit either.  I will post it when I get a good picture.

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