I’m so excited…..


(Sorry, about the blurry picture)  This is paint and palette wetting spray, slo-dri fluid retarder, 1 8 oz. each of tit. white and ivory black.

     Isn’t that the most beautiful sight  that you have ever seen?  I have been wanting these for a long time and when I saw that they were on sale at Dick Blick I went for it!  They were still expensive so I didn’t get a whole lot of colors this time around.  I did get enough to start mixing.  I kinda  hate the idea of learning to mix acrylic with artist grade paint.   I am trying to look at this way, the better I learn to mix the less colors I have to buy, which will be cheaper in the future right? 

     I bought a mix of two different brands of fluid acrylic, Liquitex and Golden.  I think Golden is suppose to be a better brand, but they didn’t have all the colors that I needed so I ended of mixing brands.

     I have my acrylics and  I have canvas NOW  I have to think of something to paint!

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