Projects gone Amuk and a Review…



It’s been a while and I really missed blogging, so I thought I would take a few minutes and say “HI!” and let you know what I have been up to.  I hope you are doing great and having a wonderful summer.

Things on my end are plugging right along.  We take our little Sweet Cheeks back to school next Friday.  (kinda depressing…and yes she is 20 years old and I still call her little pet names, lol.  I think secretly she likes it)  I am still loving my job and I adore the people I work with.  My time management is still terrible, but since I am actually posting…I am getting better at it. (YAY ME!)

I haven’t been painting all that much…which makes me antsy.  I mean I have started quite a few paintings and drawings  but I haven’t finished ANY!  Wellll, that isn’t exactly true…I did draw a couple of cherries at work, while I was on floor duty but other than that?  Not so much….I have one painting that it perfectly content to stay in the ugly stages forever and four more with nothing but a set of eyeballs. I won’t even discuss the three foot painting that I have started.  At first I thought that I was just being lazy (and it still may be a little of that) but I believe mostly its just access of the materials and clean up.  I just hated dragging everything out and set up every time I wanted to paint….just to put it all back….then drag it back out….then put it back…See where I’m going with this?

I saw the Masterson’s Sta-Wet Palette  at  Michaels.  The palette looked promising so I purchased it.  The palette was a little over 11.00 (using my coupon).  And boy am I pleased.  I loaded it with acrylic paint on July 9th and it has been 1 month to the day and the paint is still wet!  No bottles of paint everywhere I am not being  intrusive on David’s space, so  I don’t feel too guilty about leaving stuff out until I get the chance to paint again. It has really helped me steal bits of painting sessions when I am able to grab a minute or two. And it is especially helpful with my watering bucket (pictured on right)  It has two wells: one for clean water and one for dirty.  So when I want to paint, I just take the lid off of everything and when I am done I just have to put the lid back on, wash a couple of brushes and that’s it.  And if this doesn’t work?  Its all just laziness, lol

How do you deal with spatial issues of an art space?

Be Well and Happy!







I’m so excited…..


(Sorry, about the blurry picture)  This is paint and palette wetting spray, slo-dri fluid retarder, 1 8 oz. each of tit. white and ivory black.

     Isn’t that the most beautiful sight  that you have ever seen?  I have been wanting these for a long time and when I saw that they were on sale at Dick Blick I went for it!  They were still expensive so I didn’t get a whole lot of colors this time around.  I did get enough to start mixing.  I kinda  hate the idea of learning to mix acrylic with artist grade paint.   I am trying to look at this way, the better I learn to mix the less colors I have to buy, which will be cheaper in the future right? 

     I bought a mix of two different brands of fluid acrylic, Liquitex and Golden.  I think Golden is suppose to be a better brand, but they didn’t have all the colors that I needed so I ended of mixing brands.

     I have my acrylics and  I have canvas NOW  I have to think of something to paint!

My art Space. . .Free admission

An EDM member wanted to see our artspace, I really didn’t want to.  My artspace  isn’t as nice as alot I have seen but then I thought what the heck I need something to post anyway and she’s really nice. I like my space, I might as well admit to it.  So, welcome to the bat cave.   We bought this house a couple of years ago at a time when you didn’t get a bang for your buck or even a mild fizzle.  Yep, at the height of real estate prices and a seller’s market. I saw  a  turtle sell his shell for $200,000 in 3 days.    We had just sold a fairly large two-story house from back home and  it was way too much for the three of us.   Since I hate to clean, can’t afford a housekeeper, and my chick-a-dee will be going off to college in about 5 years I thought a smaller house was the only logical solution.  And it is, but I still hate to clean!!!!!   

     We have a guest room, but the blue couch  in my room folds out into another bed.  The bookshelves are GREAT and it makes everything easy to find (If I put it back where it is suppose to go.)  We will remodel this room, but it will be the last room we do.  However, we do plan on mounting the TV on the wall, put new doors up (closet and entry) and getting a smaller desk.  I am thinking about instead of getting a desk, getting a kitchen island on cassiters.   That way I can move wherever the light is good or wherever the mood stikes me to go.  We will have to put vinyl flooring  in to protect the wood floor from paint.  If we ever decide to sell the house I don’t want the floor to be ruined by paint splatters.


Click on images to make larger

Sorry, one of the labels are wrong on my picture 2nd row pic.1:  Watercolor is actually Drawing.

I have lots of ideas for this room, but I keep most of them under my hat.  I don’t want to scare hubby to death.   I don’t draw in here alot, but I do spend a lot of time in here.  .  . I am on the computer, I watch a little TV and I like to curl up with coffee and read in here when David’s not trying to use this as a storage room.  But when my family is home I like to hang out with them so then my artspace becomes the  bed, the living room or the kitchen.

The string you see hanging down is my ceiling fan cord and if you click on the bed picture and look in the bottom right you will see our dog with his head under the bed.   Sam (the dog) usually puts his head and front paws way under the bed and his pack paws under the chest of drawers.  Most times he gets stuck, and looks like a worm trying to get out.  I would help, I mean I should and could, but it’s just too darn funny to watch.  Well that’s the end of our tour.