A necklace to share…


EDM#78 Draw a souvenir

Graphite on Sketch

This is my daughter’s  souvenir from Busch Gardens Amusement Park.  It is rice with her name encased in a dolphin from one of the stands.  We love going to Busch Gardens and we live close enough that we can go after supper for a couple of hours.

When she was picking out her beads to complete her necklace, I went on a covert operation just to see how the lady was able to write on that tiny little grain of rice.  Then when I got home I grabbed my bag of rice and gave it a go, and I did it. This drawing also completes the book of drawings that I made her for Christmas. 

Now, I can get a job at any amusment park, fair, kiosk writing on rice. 

7 thoughts on “A necklace to share…

  1. Lovely drawing to add to your daughter’s giftbook of sketches, sounds like you both had a great day at the garden Incredible that you can write on rice!

  2. Linda, Lisa, Joanie and Barbara – Thank you for your comments, I really hope she will keep it, but I’m afraid she just may take my drawings out and use it for a photo album 🙂
    Vicki-Happy Blog anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl is getting lots of compliments on her new tie dye gear.
    Timaree- I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe magic? But all she did was press a grain of rice in a kneaded eraser and wrote on it with a perm. marker.

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