A Republican and a Democrat went trick or treating…..

EDM#38 Draw something Halloween

Colored Pencil on sketch

Well, I hate halloween!  When I was little I was so scared of people dressed up that when we went out trick or treating I had to lay in the floor board of the car so I would’nt see anyone and I had to wait until I was the only one at a house to get  candy.  Needless to say I didn’t go to many houses. Then, I would get dropped off at Grandma’s house and I hid in the back when the doorbell rang.  To this day, I hate masks of any kind especially clowns…Now, clown masks really freak me out! 

Now regarding my drawing, Aren’t they cute!  and atleast these two are getting along.  I have my favored candidate and I will be voting Tuesday.  I think it is a huge responsibility that I never take lightly.  With that being said I absolutely hate politics.  It’s brutal to watch all the conflicts, scandal and the do-do slinging….I just hate it and I am looking forward to it just being plain over!!!!

My name Carol and I approve of this message:)

2 thoughts on “A Republican and a Democrat went trick or treating…..

  1. My daughter loves the Bozo looking clowns; otherwise they always scared her too.

    I’ve already voted. They say only 25% have voted so far but most of the blogs I go to have already voted. I think there will be more voters this year than I have ever seen in my lifetime.

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