“Butterfly”   Mixed Media  Watercolor and Ink on Bristol Smooth

from photo taken by V. Welsh


This is from a photo taken by my sister-in-law, and I hope she doesn’t mind me drawing or posting this.  I have drawn this before in colored pencil and had to scrap it because I chopped the background.  Thank goodness I saved the drawing. 

     I wanted to experiment with watercolor and to paint something that I couldn’t mess up.  I think it turned out nice, but it looks more like a tattoo than a drawing.   It would be pretty cool as a tattoo wouldn’t it?  Note to hubby: Don’t worry I’ll save my art for paper and canvas; not my skin.

      Anyway, This was really fun and quick, but the drawback to watercolor and ink is that if you mess it up,  it is difficult to impossible to fix.  I wish I could stick with one medium and learn it well. But I really don’t know what my favorite is yet, and possibilities are endless.  It may take me a while.

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