“Quick Sketches in Still Life” Crayola Colored Pencil on 60 lb. drawing paper

These are sketch color exercises in still life that I will be participating in starting April, but I wanted to get a head start.  The idea is to find something, draw it, and color it as fast as you can while you time yourself.  My drawing is kinda of hit and miss.  Sometimes I can draw it and sometimes I can’t.  I am hoping that these exercises will help me.  My problem with drawing is that I don’t draw what I actually see, I end up drawing what I think I see and that’s a big no-no.  I have started carrying a mechanical pencil and a Moleskine sketch book in my purse just in case I get inspired, we’ll see.  These drawings are done with the 50ct. Crayola Colored pencils.  I do have artist grade pencils, but I didn’t want to waste them on practice sketches. But surprisingly enough the pencils are actually pretty good.  So, If you are new to colored pencil, Crayola is a good pencil to start with. 


sheet wrinkle – 30 minutes                                 salt shaker – 15 minutes

roladex – 17 minutes                                              candy cane – 16 minutes

perfume – 45 minutes                                           coffee cup – 20 minutes

cinnamon candy – 5 minutes

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