You’re Beautiful!

Pink 1

Pink – Fan Art

Prisma Color on 9 x 12  98 lb.  XL Canson Mixed Media

 I know, I know…Pink didn’t sing You’re Beautiful, I am just stating a fact

When you draw or paint someone, the whole face is broken down into minute details.  I never realized just how beautiful people are until I started studying them.  And it isn’t just hypnotic eyes, a great set of perfectly arched brows or that square jaw that makes a person attractive.  It’s what we see as flaws that makes us beautiful and unique.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t turn that one brow in to two…cause if ya can (male or female)  you should. And I’m definitely doing all I can to slow that clock down.  But some things should be left alone.  Take Pink for example:  What I find is her most attractive feature is her front teeth.  The left tooth is a bit crooked and sticks out the tiniest bit.  Excuse the language, but she’s such a badass (there is no other word to describe a woman who can hang from a ceiling wrapped in a rope) that to me it gives her a little bit of vulnerability.  And makes her absolutely gorgeous in my book!

On with the portrait:  Pink is my first portrait painting and she wasn’t easy, but a joy to paint. The plaid shirt is what gave me a fit.  But when things got too difficult, I would just stop, take a breather and paint a little more.  I should have timed myself, but I  definitely have a lot of days and nights invested in this head study.

This portrait ends my summer on a good note because I did what I set to do.  And that was to complete art in colored pencil.

I hope this post finds you all having a beautiful and creative weekend.  And remember, you are beautiful.  And if you don’t see it then you aren’t looking in the right places 😉

Be Well and Happy!

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