Julie Christie….

Julie Christie

Graphite on Bristol Smooth

  Anytime I’m on my Facebook page, my cousin always has a picture (or two or three) up of this lady.  He is so enamoured by her that I thought I would draw her for him.  He’s such a good fella and  I was drawn (sorry could not help myself) to do something special for him.  He loves it so that was a pretty special payback;)  HOWEVER, David thinks she looks like Barbara Streisand…I would be insulted but in those days most of the actresses did look-alike, so no harm done to my ego.

        She was pretty easy to draw except for sweater.  All those little yarn fibers gave me fit.  I don’t think I did too good on that part, but I tried and unless you get really close it doesn’t look that bad.

  Not too much going on, on this end so I guess that’s about it for me for now.

Be Well and Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Julie Christie….

    1. Thank You Shandy:) I can’t wait to read your blog, I’m hoping it will put me in the holiday frame of mind;)

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