Orange Rose

Colored Pencil on Bristol Vellum

    This is the colored pencil piece that I was telling you guys about from my last post.  The rose was painted using Derwent Coloursoft. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.   The orginal is much brighter and has a lot more yellow than the picture above.  It took about a week to complete, it was difficult mapping my way through, but I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to actually complete something else in color (YAY ME!)  I want to add a few more floral close-ups to my collection to hang  in my new kitchen hopefully….sometime in the not so distant future…if the planets line up…and David gets some time.  He wants the kitchen done as bad as I do so  he’s not stalling, but scheduling has not been my friend.  One thing I am excited about is the demolition.  WOW WHAT A RUSH!  There is nothing quite as cathartic as taking a big ole hammer and tearing something up on purpose that is.  And if you ever get a chance too? Do it!

     Another thing I have been working on is organizing my stuff.  Not art stuff, but just my stuff in general. I got really tired of my make up being stashed everywhere in the house, so I turned my tall shallow cabinet into a vanity.  I need some better storage containers and more shelving but it’s coming right along.  What makes this cabinet really great is that when David put the cabinet together he put in an outlet.  So when I made the change he took the back components off of my tri fold lighted make up mirror and attached it to the back of the cabinet (used Command strips).  So when I need to get ready I just plop my fat tail in floor,  and paint away.  When I’m finished, I just close the doors and everything is nice and neat.  And no one sees my guilty pleasure.  Guilty?  Not really..

     Other than that, I’ve haven’t been doing all that much in the way of art and some of it isn’t even art.  I do have a fan art to post, but I can’t until my cousin receives it. I really need to finish my first season’s cast of Once Upon A Time, before Season two starts.  I have Rumpelstiltskin started, but he’s so hard I may have to file 13 that one and do his Mr. Gold face.  I hope not but we’ll see.

     I hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather while we have it.

Be Well and Happy Monday and Tuesday!

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