Owl W.I.P.


Mixed Media on 65lb. gray card

I don’t post many W.I.P.’s because I don’t know if I will end up messing the work up or at times even finish them.  It may be the case with this one too,  although I’m hoping not, but you never know.  I couldn’t wait to post the early stages of my Owl!  AND IT’S COLORED PENCIL….well mostly anyway.  I have been really frustrated trying to work in color.  Acrylics, watercolor, colored pencil, watercolor pencil and pastel, I’ve been playing with them all (along with my tutorial books) with cheap and expensive paper.  The only thing I’ve been managing to do was provide job security for waste management ’cause I’ve been filling my trash cans to the rim with my attempts!  About a week ago, I spent the whole afternoon on one colored pencil exercise and I followed it to the letter and it looked nothing like the sample…NOTHING!  I thought it was me until I did the background in the required French greys (which has a creamy look) and the sample background was blue.  So I put away the 24.00 book of lies grabbed a piece of cheap card stock (acid free), the smallest set of colored pencils I had and started my owl.  I have to admit that it is a little adventurous for my skill level and I fully admit when I’m  finished with the head, I will probably be completely lost when I do the body. But I’m tickled that I got this far.  This isn’t a total triumph in stubbornness. I made the mistake of putting down my brown first and when I tried to put down my white it got contaminated..so I had to use acrylic white.  Overall I think using a small set of pencils and using a paper that could only handle 4 or 5 layers of pencil really helped me from being overwhelmed.  I could have picked an easier subject, but I can’t stand the thought of drawing  another piece of fruit!

So, if you are like me and frustrated try:  Limiting your colors and limiting your layers and see if it works for you.  Also, please do your lights first LOL…

8 thoughts on “Owl W.I.P.

  1. Looks great Carol! i began an owl at a colourfed pencil workshop last year with a very professional artist. The layering and detail were unbelievable. Needless to say we didnt get past the head in a whole day!!! I think your hints a very practical and I love your result.

    1. Thank you Anne! I bet your class was a lot fun! I’m keeping my eyes open for classes around here, but so far no luck:)

  2. Looks really great and if the body doesn’t go right, just crop it! I have been throwing stuff away today too…which is unsual for me. I decided in the end that I am just not in the mood so I am going to have a tiny break for a day or so. Actually, I wouldn’t mind having a go at some fruit…it has been ages 😉

    1. Thank you Chrissy! I know what you mean. I haven’t been in the mood either and when I was inclined to do produce some art, I wanted color. Then, I was frustrated ’cause I couldn’t do it. hahaha, I’m never satisfied.. I can’t wait to see your fruit;)

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