Into The Wild Zentangle Series 8

Wow!  Another week got away from me, but maybe a new pattern will make up for it:)  This is the last pattern of my “Into the Wild Series” and I hope you have enjoyed these patterns as much as I like making them.   Thank You! Molossus at for posting links of my patterns to her blog.  I have enjoyed this so much that I will try to keep this a weekly thing (if I can come up with them) so stay tuned.

This is Ostrich pattern.  It’s pretty easy.  I like it because it also looks like a flower.  The center of the Ostrich print in real life is really dark and messy.  It almost..well not almost…it looks like a scab..EWWWWW! so I kinda improvised the center.  I guess you could use something like Jetties or Ennies in the center, it’s up to you and what you like.


Below is the finished Zentangle…Finally:)

Be Well and Happy!

6 thoughts on “Into The Wild Zentangle Series 8

  1. I love your tangles and would like to follow your blog, however your RSS feed does’t appear to be working. When I click on it I just get a huge page of code. I’d rather not get it by email; I send all my creative stuff to the reader. Hope you can fix it!

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry about my RSS Feed. I sent you an email with another option of getting around that until I can figure this RSS thing

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