Into the Wild Zentangle Series 7

Yay, I finally finished my pet portrait commission, but I can’t post it until he receives it.  Also, I’ve beaded two necklaces and bracelet that I’ll post next week.  And during Irene’s meanness (leaving us with no power) I learned the necessary stitches to crochet a shawl that I want sooooo bad.   Yes, it’s an extremely large amount of work to learn for one garment, but I want it sooooo bad.  Most of the time I’m a teach a man how to fish type a gal and I guess crocheting is one of those times.   I know I sounds like that I have ants in the pants disorder, but I’ve been having a pretty good time.  I’m definitely not an arts and crafts snob…and I hope you aren’t either;)

Now on with the tangle pattern.  I had fun with this one…it’s called Sssnake and is supposed to resemble snake skin. I don’t care much for the actual creature, but even I can appreciate the glorious colors and patterns that snakes have.   I hope you like it and will incorporate them into your own Zentangles.


Below is the snake pattern in my Into the Wild zentangle.

Be Well and Happy! 

2 thoughts on “Into the Wild Zentangle Series 7

  1. Sounds like you have been very busy. I like to crochet and knit ~ art snob…nah. I love all creativity in whatever form. Great Zentangle and it is interesting to see how you develop the patterns 🙂

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