I was trying to wait to post this until I was sure that it was on the skin, but I decided to post the design and leave the identity a secret.  She couldn’t decide if she wanted a butterfly or a flower.  So I did a little of both making the wings look like flower petals.  There will also be names on or in the tattoo so it will be more horizontal than the vertical position that I scanned. 

   I guess that’s about all I have for show and tell today.  I haven’t been drawing lately.  But I hope this will be corrected soon.  I have family staying with us, and I really can’t get to my art supplies.  That’s ok though…I’ve been catching up on my chick trash novels….cause you gotta love those,  “and they lived happily ever after” books.   Well, I hope you guys have warm weather and sunny skies for the weekend:)

Be Well and Happy!

6 thoughts on “Butterflies….

    1. Lol, No worries Vicki:) She had a fit when I got my nose pierced so I doubt she’d get a tattoo. I do love that design though

  1. Pretty image…looks great for a tattoo. I hadn’t read any chick trash novels for ages, then while I was away I came across some excellent ones by Sue Moorcroft published by choclit, lol. How about that for a good piece of marketing, chocolate and romance books ~ worked me anyway. Not a lot of art completed though haha!

    1. Hey Chrissy! Thank You and I am going to have to remember that author. I catch alot of crap about my novels, but I need a happy ending every once in a while. I haven’t been drawing lately. My twin sister and her family are staying with us and my artroom has two teenagers living in it at the moment. Their house will be ready this week and hopefully I can get to my drawing boards pretty soon. The company has been lots of fun though and I have been reading like crazy….If you decide to get back into reading full on just let me know because there are a few authors that I would love for you to read… Glad you’re back and I really missed reading your posts, lol….of course I have no room to talk hahahahahaha

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