All those mundane tasks that weren’t worth mentioning?  Well, the picture to the left is one of them.  Let’s see…so far I have painted 2 rooms and a closet twice (hated the color), guest room, took down the paneling and painted my artroom, painted 12 doors front and back, the garage front and the fronts of the windows.  I can’t tell you how sick I am of painting.  I have sanded some of my fingernails off and possibly a top layer of skin…So Bob Villa I ain’t.  If you were wondering why we are doing so much work so soon?  Well, it’s because we are putting the house up for sale. 

     David got a  job (which he started Monday) in Danville.  So between now and summer we’ll be preparing to move there.  We are from near that area, so it’s no stranger to us.  I guess what I’m most happy with is that David won’t have to travel.  Although I was use to him traveling, It will be great knowing that he’ll be home every night.   The only thing I am really worried about is that I really want Alana to finish her 8th grade year at the school that she attends now.  Since she’ll be transitioning  into high school in the fall, it would be a good to wait until summer.  But I guess we’ll  let everything fall where it may.

     I think this move is a good thing, but as we work on the house, we are finding that with a little… no… alot of work and updating, it’s really pretty.  I can’t believe the transformation.  At least I’ll get to enjoy it a little while before we have to hand it over to a realtor. 

   I hear my drawing board calling to me late at night…saying, “Hey, pick me up! Quit ignoring me!”  I don’t know how much more I can avoid him.  Yeah, My drawing board is a he! (Hubba Hubba!)   So, I have a bit more work to do over the weekend, but I am hoping to get squeeze some art in next week. 

Be Well and Happy!

3 thoughts on “Moving…

  1. went by the new job on the way to Martinsville. I hope they have bicycles or golf cart to get from one place to another. that is a big honking place.
    Door looks good!

  2. It seems like a lot of my blogging friends are moving, life events. It always is sad when art takes a second place but sometimes it is necessary. Anyway, you seem to have got done what you need to…perhaps time for a rest. take care ~ Chrissy

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