The Art of Family…

104_1011 This weekend Alana and I tagged along with Karen home to drop Robbie off for a three week visit.    We spent Friday afternoon with my Daddy at the shop  and we took him out to eat Friday night.  Then we spent Saturday with mama swimming and had a cookout.  On Sunday morning we went with Daddy out for breakfast.  It was really good that we spent a fair amount of time with both of them.  And being able to come in for Father’s Day was a really good  surprise.   I am really glad that Alana and Somer got to spend alot of time together, because they are really close and Tammy and I are trying really hard to make sure that the distance doesn’t interfere with their relationship.  Usually what we do is meet at a half way point drop a kid off or pick a kid up, so atleast they will get to spend a couple of weeks together every summer.   I wish I had pictures of Robbie and Richie, but they were sleeping in.  I swear those two could sleep 22 out of the 24 hours  in a day.  104_1006

     If you look closely at the picture on the right, you’ll see a portfolio on the table along with my other shameful weakness (Mtn. Dew).  I still found time to draw a little while I was being “Lifeguard on Duty”   Well,  I alternated between drawing and reading.

Mama and Gail have a nice little set up.  I felt like I was on a mini resort.  (The pool lays just below the deck on the right).   I got to draw and read, and the kids got to swim so it was a win win.    

  It was just a great visit all around. 




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