Father’s Day

Father'</a>s Day 2009EDM 20 Draw something “Dad”

 Bristol Smooth on Graphite

     This is a card for my Dad.  He’s not an old timer, but he loves and collects knives.   I hope he likes it.  I’m not worried about spoiling the surprise because by the time he sees this post he will have already gotten the card.   What I like about this card is that if wants, he can tear off the back and frame the front.

    Other than that not much drawing goin’ on lately.    A lot of the end of the year stuff with Alana having assemblies, preparing for SOLs and exams.   The last day of school is tomorrow.  Thank Goodness!  I’m tired, so I can’t imagine how she feels.   She asked me to teach her to draw and paint this summer.  My heart leaped with joy that she had been bitten by the art bug.  I’m not sure what I have to offer, but I told her I would and she’s really excited.  Of course I be posting mini me’s work.  I really hope she grows to enjoy drawing as much as I do.  If she does she’ll never be bored again.  One can only hope!




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