Goals, Resolutions and Lists, oh my!

EDM # 7 Draw a bottle, jar or tin from the kitchen

EDM # 8 Draw your watch or other piece of  jewelry

EDM# 10 Draw your hand or hands

EDM#11 Draw your glasses or sunglasses

Graphite on sketch paper


These are some challenges that I managed to complete over the holidays.  

Wow, there are alot of lists, goals, and resolutions expressed in the blog world.   Myself, I have never been a list person.  I mean, there is the occasional grocery list or I’ll jot down quick stuff for Alana at times, but I have never wrote down any kind goals for myself that I can think of.   Which leads me to believe that I really should, because I am exactly the type of person that needs one.  I have things that I need to do, want to do to and should do, but some times it just falls through the cracks never to be seen nor heard from again.   I wonder if writing things down make goals more tangible?  If that is the case, then there is another reason to make a list and sign me up!    But instead of a resolution or a goal list can I call it a wish list? 



3 thoughts on “Goals, Resolutions and Lists, oh my!

  1. Love the EDM’s! I am a half list person- I like to make them, I don’t usually tend to keep to them 😉 Putting my art goals out there is to help me actually DO something about them 😉
    We have had mixed feelings about the warm weather here in central Va too 🙂 On one hand it is nice to get out and about and enjoy it. On the other hand it is just odd to have such a warm winter 🙂

  2. Love the shine on that kitchen tin. Beautiful! I find that writing down goals does make it more tangible, as if putting it out there in the universe makes it real and something that you can actually move toward.

  3. wish list is right. i never stick to any of it at all the only thing is that will power can olnly make me do it lol

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