Christmas is over….

     Christmas went off without a hitch and was laid back as they come.  I won’t bore you with all the details, except to say it was nice visiting with the family and getting David  and Alana all to myself for a week. 

     For the past couple of months I haven’t been drawing as much as I should.  I haven’t forgotten my beloved pencils and paints, but I was on a mission.  This year I wanted to make everyone a little something for Christmas to go along with their gift.   I had a lot going at one time.  Their were quite a few things that I tried to complete that didn’t quite work out.  One,  was two colored pencil pieces with fishing lures that I didn’t finish on time.  I tried to make a clock out of wood and that was a disaster!  and the last one was a celtic letter in beads on silk like material that fell apart while I was matting it.   So here is some of my handiwork: 

turtle-cards  note cards: colored pencil

 These are some note cards that I made for my dad’s girlfriend.  I also made the notecards holder too.


These note cards were made for neice.  These were really quick and didn’t take long to make.  I also made another noteholder.

somers-jewelryI also made her this jewelry set. 




This is a watch that I made for my mom.  The picture is out of focus (sorry)


 These are stone earrings that I made as stocking stuffers.


rice-bags I made alot of rice bags.  I think I will have one more to make.  Because I made one that was confascated .


 Acrylic on canvas

The boys really loved these.  I didn’t think they would go over as good as they did. 

t-shirts                                   These are T-shirts that were also for the boys.  I bought the T-shirts and tie dyed them in a clorox solution for about 20 minutes.  I think I am going to make me one next as well as a tank top for summer.

alanas-book1     alanas-book-opened1 Another out of focus picture.  This is the book that I made for Alana.  I gave it to her on Christmas morning.  I think she liked it, but it’s hard to compete with an electric guitar and a amp.


This is one that tanked.  I spent a week on it, stuck my finger a thousand times so daggonit I’m posting this.  This was suppose to be for my sister-in-law Vicki.   When I get the energy I will take the beads off and start over. 

 Well, I think that’s about it.  I hope everyone liked their presents. 




One thought on “Christmas is over….

  1. Alana made a special point of showing me her book so I know she liked it! I LOVE Chris’ rice bag. It’s getting a lot of use. My massage therapist said I will not sew before Thursday – apparently I popped a rib out of joint. We think it’s back in place now. Me not sewing for a week – I might become an alcoholic.

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