No Thanks….

EDM #6 Draw your favorite well-loved object…or a childhood toy.

Graphite on Strathmore 60lb. sketch

I thought about drawing my one of my baby dolls.  But I never loved my baby dolls as much as I loved cigarettes.  Yeah, it’s pretty sad, but it’s true.  You just don’t know how deeply smoking is embedded into your life until you try to quit.  When I started smoking I didn’t know anything about addiction and I was young enough that I didn’t worry about the health risks. When I understood what I was doing to myself, it was too late I was hooked.  This was a hard relationship to get out of, but I did. I can’t tell you how liberating it is to finally have control over (and end) something that has had total control over me for so many years.   I only hope I can keep it up, but with the continuing support of my family and friends the odds are in my favor.

12 thoughts on “No Thanks….

  1. Congratulations!!!! as an ex chain smoker (three packs a day for years) I know what a huge thing it is to quit – It’s been a long time since I quit but I still get urges now and then – Love this sketch – what a great idea it is for a well loved object I agree I never loved a THING more than I loved the cigarettes

  2. You CAN do it. My first husband did, and went for many years without the habit, never did take it up again! It’s not easy, and I think you may always want a cigarette occasionally, but you can always choose. Our thoughts are with you!

  3. It’s a great drawing! Congratulation for stopping, it takes strength. Keep vigilant, never try even a little smoke, especially if you feel down…

  4. Terrific sketch!! And absolutely, you should frame this. Eight years ago I quit my 30-year addiction and you are so right, it is absolutely LIBERATING to not be in the clutches of scheduling your life around the next time/place for the next smoke. It does get easier, and even gets to where you can’t stand the smell– reformed smokers are the worst critics I think.

  5. Such a great sketch and an honest post. I lost three friends within weeks this summer to lung cancer. It is such a brutal way to go. I have a son that still smokes and I hope and pray for you and him–that you find a way through your addiction.
    Good thoughts,

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