Polymer Earrings

vickis-earrings-11 We had a great Thanksgiving!  We ate way too much on Thursday and had plenty of leftovers.  On Friday we went to see David’s mom, aunt, sister and one of his brothers.  We haven’t seen them in quite a while, and it was great catching up.  Then, we carted my daughter off to a sleep over.  When I wasn’t cooking or visiting I was drawing a picture of my daughter. I wasn’t expecting much, since it was my second portrait, although it  was going slow it was going really well.  I had spent about 18-20 hours total.  It’s a pretty large drawing at 14 x 17 and when I was doing the finishing touches, my eraser left 2 drag marks across her cheek.  The marks weren’t noticeable until I put down a layer graphite and there it is!  It looks almost like a grease spot with pencil marks on top.  Needless to say, I was heartbroken and I must confess I was close to tears.  I mean that was a lot of work that is completely unsalvageable.  At first I thought it was the paper, but using the same eraser on a different paper the same thing happened.  So another lesson I have learned is to NEVER use a white eraser no matter what the drawing books say, just use a kneaded eraser and pat .  SO now I am back to the drawing board (literally).  Hey, that’s a good name for my blog isn’t it!  Well, I guess all is not wasted!

The earrings above are a thank you gift for Aunt Vicki that I made out of polymer clay.  A while back she sent my daughter a box full of long sleeved tye-dyed shirts that she made.  They are beautiful, and she gets so many complements at school.  I noticed on Vicki’s blog that she dyed some turtle necks for herself, so I thought I’d  twist some polymer in the same colors to match her shirts.  I opted not to sand the blemishes and bits out, and left them in free form.  They were a really fun project.  I didn’t realize how much I missed beading and my polymer.   Check out Vicki’s blog “Fieldtrips in Fiber”  in my blogroll.   She’s always doing something good.