Abstract and Oil Pastels

“Fire and Ice” Oil Pastel on Bristol Smooth

     I thought I had lost these two pieces, I was really happy to find them and thought I’d post them.  They aren’t anything spectacular but I like the colors.

      Abstract Art basically means that it doesn’t try to look like something.  Instead, the color and form are the subject of the painting and represents something that isn’t seen,  such as emotion, sound or spiritual experience.  (To read more on Abstract Art go to about.com)

     Now with that being said, I didn’t feel a thing when I did these two pieces or with “Driftwood.”  I just picked out blues and reds and then started smearing colors.  I really don’t know if the intent is to evoke the senses of the artist or the person viewing the art.  I do find abstract to be much more difficult than I ever imagined.  Although Abstract Art is representational; the color, consistency and the flow has to make sense, sort of like order out of chaos. 

Maybe I’ll do better next time.