Saturday Suprise…..

   Saturday was feeling pretty lousy.  I woke up already dreading David heading back out-of-town, even though he had just come home the night before.  I was so tired and dreading what work lay ahead, fearing at the same time that we would never get done, so we can sell the house.  Overall, I was headed for being depressed the whole weekend.  Then, I received this package in the mail.  Needless to say, this little treasure added a lot of sunshine to my Saturday.

    Chrissy Marie made some ATC’s as part of her art therapy and of course being a huge fan of her work, I jumped at the chance to trade Artist  Cards with her.    She also sent a beautiful booklet that included the rest of her ATC’s with quotes and poems and a lovely handmade card.  She’s a has a great blog filled with art, amazing photography, knitting and paper crafts.  Chrissy’s blog is never boring which is why she rates as one of my favorites:)

    Chrissy’s Art Therapy project can be found  (here).

      It is such a pleasure getting to know her through her blog and I so look forward to reading her blog for many years to come. 

Thank You Chrissy and your ATC is on it’s way!

FYI – ATC Cards are 2.5 x 3.5 Artist Trading Cards in any medium that is signed and dated on the back. 

Be Well and Happy!