Still Here…

Things aren’t going too great on the art front I’m afraid. It seems that I have forgotten how to paint.  I have spent hours on 2 separate canvases and both ended up in the garbage.  So it is back to the drawing board for me and time to dig out some old  acrylic books.  I will admit that I am more than a little frustrated considering they were big art pieces.  I guess it is all in the experience. (A glass half full thing.)

I have been reading a little Art History and instead of Realism,  maybe I should give Impressionism a go 🙂

Since  visiting the National Gallery of Art,  I have been absolutely enthralled with Impressionism.  My love began with the piece by John Singer Sargent entitled “Repose”.  And then there was Monet, Manet, Pissarro, Renoir….I could on about these Masters of capturing light and darkness.  I have always appreciated art, but being in front of the actual work, the actual piece that they laid their very hands on almost brought me to tears and made my heart hurt.  But what I found very strange is that I didn’t care for the work of Degas  and I only liked one of Van Gogh’s pieces and that was “Starry Night”.

Although, I do love Monet’s work, I found  piece entitled “Death Bed” disturbing .  Death Bed is Monet’s wife as she lay dying.  And it bothers me.  It angers me.  His wife lays there probably in pain, scared and alone.  While he sits across the room and paints her!  Wow! he should win husband of the year!

In the book, it talks about how much Monet loved his wife.  He may, I’m not the Great Judge, but he had to have loved painting more.  He was a great Artist though and I am doubly glad David is not an Artist….he does golf though…..

Be Well and Happy!

5 thoughts on “Still Here…


    Hi, the above URL is a comment from Monet about his reasoning for the painting. Throughout my years of research I would come across comments or actions from the past that seemed rather brow raising to me, but then I would check further and these actions were common at that time/place. Photos of dead children made to look alive, waiting to name a child til after their first year, just in case they didn’t make it. Yes, we are a weird lot sometimes. But I do remember thinking of very important occasions in my life associated with color. Paint on fellow museless one, paint on!

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    1. Hi Marty! Thank you for commenting. I read the URL and it didn’t help reconcile my feelings between husband and artist. Even in the end, his allure seemed to be the coloring of her skin and such. Being a woman and wife, the action of Monet would have broken my heart. His wife wasn’t an artist. It just makes me sad I guess. But I can appreciate genius, and he was.
      What you say make sense, I can’t tell you how many photos I have found of people laying in caskets while visiting my grand/great parent’s house. People would find those photos disturbing too. Studying the time period is a great idea and I will do that before I read any further:) I have no problem with muses, but in the execution LOL

  2. I would wonder, if he did not attend to her during her wakeful hours, and paint to relieve stress and pain during her times of sleep or quiet rest? When I am stressed, I pick up a pen, I try to let my fears of that day flow out of me, like the ink from the pen. Does that make sense?

    1. Hello krunsonlattes! Thank you for commenting. It makes perfect sense to me and I like the idea of him taking care of his wife. 🙂

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