Have my Supplies, Now What…

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You’d be surprised how fast your mind draws a blank when you are searching things to sketch.  Nothing seems to be appealing for some reason, so you spend a good chunk of time looking for that perfect item that you never find. Don’t be so critical of your objects.  You’d be surprised how nothing becomes something quite spectacular.

I remember sitting on the couch and there was a Mountain Dew can sitting on the coffee table. I had my sketching supplies out and being too lazy discard the can, I decided I would draw it.  To this day it is still one of my favorite sketches.

Below, I am going to give you a few ideas to get those sketching fingers a movin’:

1.)  Sit in a room and just draw random items that you see.  Everyone has at least a couple of chatskis that could be rendered.  Bathrooms are a great place to sketch small items.

2.)  Get your children (or grandchildren) in on the fun.  If a child was particularly well-behaved, tell them that you will sketch whatever they choose.  Trust me.  It is like a sticker to them…

3.)  Join the Every Matters Group on Facebook.  This group is based on the book written by Danny Gregory.  The EDM Group are the most supportive group of artists that I have encountered so far.  They provide a weekly prompt for you to sketch.  You can share or just sit back with some coffee and peruse some of the beautiful sketches from other members of the group.

4.) Gather some like-minded friends, hop in the car and go riding around in town. Stop at a great location and sketch what’s around you for an impromptu sketch crawl.

5.) Join or Start a sketching group.

I hope you find this helpful and a great start on a very fulfilling sketching  journey.

Where do you find your inspiration to sketch?

Be Well and Happy!



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