Zen card 44

Challenge #  44 Designed by Erin from Brightowl

Colored pencil and Micron on Card

I’m over run with zentangle patterns!  Do I want to get rid of them? No!  But storing and keeping them organized has become a problem.  I have been storing my patterns in a 3- ring binder with  eight patterns to a page (f & b).  This method of storage worked well for a while.  But now binder is popping at the seams and there is nothing conducive in choosing a pattern, so I use the same ones over and over.  I keep using the same patterns because I have them memorized, because I just don’t want to deal with that binder.

So, I guess I’m going to end this post with a question.  How do you store your patterns and how do you keep them organized for full and easy access?  Have a very creative Monday!

Be Well and Happy!

2 thoughts on “Zenday…

  1. Storage of patterns is a problem I can identify with… I just have notebooks filled with patterns and keep adding to them as they come in. Sometimes I just open to a random page and decide I have to use that pattern – that’s kind of fun, but…. anyway, your tile is very nice – I love the color and the way you edged the petal shapes in black.

  2. First: your zendal is very beauutiful; I like the clors you have chosen.
    Second: I also keep tangles in a binder, just as they come in. When looking for a tangle I just go through (is the English word: exfoliate?) this (very full) binder.

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