Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

The Evil Queen/ Regina Mills from Once Upon A Time

played by Lana Parrille

Graphite on Bristol Smooth

       On Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. you can count on Alana and I watching Once Upon A Time.  It is one of my favorites even though not one of the main characters has had lived happily ever after so far.  I know, it is part of the curse but it is still very irritating.

     My favorite part of the drawing believe it or not is her hairline.  I was able to get those little baby hairs, and a very nice scale variation up and into where her hair thickens.  And the feathers are a close second.  I draw for people and I draw to learn (gotta a long way to go) But I rarely draw guilty pleasure pieces, and I hope to draw the entire main cast and hang them in my art room.  I have yet to draw a man and I think I’m intimated by all the whiskers….Do people actually put those in?

Be Well and Happy!

One thought on “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

  1. A superb piece of art Carol. I love how you have rendered that swept up hair and achieved “the look”. I agree that those feathers really add to it as well ……love it

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