Ode to Jackson Pollock…

3 -18 x 24 Abstract

Acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas

They are finished and hanging in my living room:)  I got the inspiration from Jackson Pollock’s work.  I can’t say that I like all of his work…I don’t.  But I do like his paint “thrown about” paintings.  And that was the look I was going for here.  It probably would have been cheaper just to buy a print I reckon, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun, that’s for sure.  I slung paint everywhere!!! (very therapeutic)  I’m still a little unsure of hanging my work in the house, but it isn’t like we entertain or anything, so I guess it doesn’t matter much:)  And if I ask David one more if he likes them, I will probably get a remote thrown at me. But a girl’s gotta ask, and I haven’t slapped him yet for asking me if they should be in a frame.  Ahhhh…true love.

Anyway, please click on the picture for a better view!

Be Well and Happy!

4 thoughts on “Ode to Jackson Pollock…

  1. Look great and I am guilty of that too. I restrict my work to anout three in the house and I do consult Andy becuase we both have different tastes 😉

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