Another Barn…


Graphite on Bristol Smooth

Well, I finally finished my Barn.  I played it safe and just added bushes.  Also, I finished that big commission.  One more to go and I will have plenty to post….well…If I split it up and show you one doggie at a time.

      I have had a lot of stuff going on lately.  All good though.   Here’s a breakdown:

~David and I joined the Band Boosters and we’ve been doing a lot of chaperoning and fund raising stuff, which led to a bunch of football games and competitions.  I felt like a teenager again, hahaha!  It’s been a lot of fun watching Alana perform and seeing her in her uniform.  She looks adorable.

  ~ I finished my Excel class and got a certificate! It wasn’t that hard and I already knew a lot of what they were teaching, but it helped a lot.  They will probably have a class that goes in more depth in January and I will hopefully  take that class.  I have one more Powerpoint class and I will be done with that one too.  Yeehaw!

 ~I was able to figure out how to crochet a flat granny square.  Now I’m working on a hot pink blanket .

~And I joined in the Not A Fan series at Church.  This has been a great class so far, and I’m really learning a lot.  I have also started studying independently.  I’m thinking about writing an online journal…I still have a lot to ponder. The reason I want to do it separately is because well, this is an art blog, but I would post a link in case you would like to read it.  It may be a little amibitious..heehee

~I don’t have a picture but I finished my last set of curtains for the bedroom.

If my posts have seemed a little sporadic ….well, that’s the reason.  I have to admit though, its felt good to get out and to be busy doing something different.

This post ran a little long…As a reward for boring you to tears, I will be posting not one, but two Zentangle patterns early next week:)  So until then,  have a great weekend!

Be Well and Happy!

3 thoughts on “Another Barn…

  1. Hi Carol,
    I like the sound of your church study. if you do a blog about it let me know. I am a christian who tangles, does granny squares and teaches art…so much in common, tho I am a tad older ha ha.

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