PeaSe Pattern…

Yes, I’m interrupting my Into the wild tangle series to bring you a new pattern. 

This pattern is from a symbol that is as old as the hills.  I haven’t seen it anywhere on the net used in Zentangle and I can’t figure out why is hasn’t been used before.    It isn’t really a pattern, but kinda is and would be very useful in your pattern arsenal:

You got it….Peace signs and you can use them in so many different ways.  I got the inspiration from my daughter, she loves them!  All girls gotta have their flower power.  Here is some art using the PeaSe pattern:

 This heart is a variation of the heart that I learned how to do from Zenspirations Joann Fink at  I love her work and it took every bit of self-control that I have not to go out and buy gel pens.  Seriously, she’s that cool:) Her tutorials can be found on  Hop on over there,  you’ll love it!

Be Well and Happy!

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