Into the Wild Zentangle Series 5

It has been pretty busy around here.  My mom and niece spent last week with me and that was a lot of fun.  We had a rabid raccoon hang around the house which wasn’t so much fun.  I was hoping it would leave, but I ended up having to call Animal Control.  And now Alana is spending the week with her cousin.  Also, I have a huge 18 x 24 painting that I’m working on as well as a dog portrait and barn scene.  All three are a slow process, but I hope I can show you some new art soon.  In the meantime, I have a new pattern to share with you:

Izland Flower

I’m sorry that this pattern is a little rough, but I lent my sister-in-law my pattern book so I had to redraw it.  She loves Zentangling now:)

Here is my W.I.P.


Be Well and Happy

3 thoughts on “Into the Wild Zentangle Series 5

  1. Like the pattern…just wish it was drawn larger. I have a hard time copying it if the steps are drawn small.

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