A Tour…

We have a really small bedroom and trying to figure out what to put in there was really difficult.  But I think we did a pretty good job maximizing our space and I love it.  As promised, I’m posting the results of our labor. Beware!  There are a lot of pictures:)

 This is our new bed.  We have been wanting a leather headboard a LONG time, so this is a real treat.  The beautiful handmade quilt was a gift from Mrs. Ottaway. 

We wanted nightstands on both sides of the bed but there just wasn’t enough room.  So David bought shelves with some polished silver floating shelf brackets.  Presto!  We have night tables on both sides of the bed:) Above the bed is more storage with reading lights that David installed under the cabinet.  The lights are on a dimmer which is great.  Loving to read like I do, this is perfect because now he can sleep and I can read.  And the curtains?  I didn’t make them.  The fabric I wanted was more expensive than just buying some panels.  The curtains touched the floor, so I did shorten them. 

This is at another angle to show you the shelves on both sides of our bed and cabinet.  We also installed an outlet so we can charge our phone and use our computer in the bed if we want:)

This rug inspired a lovely argument.  I loved it and he hated it!  We went to Home Depot and Lowes a half a dozen times with me being irritated and David praying that I would like something else.  It never happened.  I won.  And now that the room is put together he likes it as much as I do and had to admit defeat. hee hee

This wardrobe fit perfectly inside the inset of our wall and replaces a dresser, chest, TV stand and jewelry box and it’s huge!  On the left side there is three cubicles with fabric boxes, a shelf for sweaters, a jewelry drawer, a wire rack drawer, and 6 long drawers.  Below is with the right side open to give you an idea

See how long the drawers are?

This is a very tall and narrow unit.  It holds my perfumes,  make up and other crap.  It will be a great place to store books too.


 These are the paintings that I managed to complete over the weekend.  I had no idea what would look right so I just grabbed a bunch of tubes that matched the colors of the room and I painted stripes in metallic and the bright colors of the quilt and rug.  I like it, it’s simple and colorful.

     Also, I believe these paintings meet one of my creative resolutions, I did say that I wanted to paint an abstract.

Through this whole experience I learned a valuable decorating lesson.  If you have a small room, the more free floor space you have the bigger the room looks.  It doesn’t translate in the pictures much, but our room looks alot bigger even with the huge furniture. This is very handy, because my other rooms are small too.

That’s it for the virtual tour.  I did warn you that it was going to be a long one. 

I hope you enjoy your day:)


Be Well and Happy!

3 thoughts on “A Tour…

  1. 2 things I cannot believe:
    1 – You are actually using the quilt!
    2 – My brother admitted he was wrong.

    Miracles do happen and the room looks great!

  2. The room looks great and your art is fantastic as usual.
    Talk about utilizing space , you certainly did that. Job well done!!

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