This is a little sneak peek of a drawing that I’ve been working on.  The piece is mainly composed of brick and wood, so it’s going to take a while to finish.  I love drawing the wood, but the brick is a little difficult and is still in the rough stages.  

I also, wanted to let you know that I had to cancel my website.  I know that when marketing art especially pet portraits word of mouth is 99.9999999% of the business.  I know from time to time you may luck out and receive some online business, but not usually.  So, in knowing all of this ahead of time,  I feel like I was pretty realistic with my expectations of  a website.  What I expected  was to have a place to have my work viewed and place for transactions to take place at a trusted site with my terms and conditions outlined.    Simple huh?

 One evening, I decided checked my traffic. I’d never checked my traffic before and Iwas curious. So I logged on and  No traffic…None at all!  Zilch!  I was thinking all kinds of unkind things. So David being the logical man he is said, “Well, Let’s just look it up and see?”  So we did a search for my website and we couldn’t find it, we actually got tired of looking for it.  The only way the site would come up is if we typed the address in.   I was beyond ticked off, and if you remember an  unexplained tremor in your house…that was me!

 So, I paid my monthly fees (which are not cheap by the way) for my website to be lost in the oblivion.  I realize you have to pay to play, that there are fees that are extra to move yourself up in the search, but this was too ridiculous.    I guess  I was expecting too much from my service. 

So, after alot of consideration and whining about how unfair things are (I hate injustice)  I created a web-blog site.  I was able to include everything that was on my website and I think it looks pretty good.  My new pet portrait email address is pencilpetportraits (at)gmail(dot)com and my new web-blog is : drawyourpet.blogspot.com .   I will have a sales-web-blog for the fine art (at some point) .  I would have used WordPress, but you can’t advertise directly from your blog, you can link but that’s about it.   I just hope I can keep up with all these blogs:)  I think this will be perfect for what I need for now. 

I guess that’s all I have to share today.    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Be Well and Happy!

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