My Houseguest…..

  Well, I did draw a few Zentangles  and I will post those sometime this week.  But right now, I want to show you a few pictures of my houseguest, Biggie Paws.

This is Biggie and he spent the week with us.  Alana and I have decided that he looks like Alf.   He isn’t very Alf- like in this picture, because I put his hair in a ponytail…He’s very metro and very secure in his masculinity.

This is Biggie waiting…wanting to pounce on Sam, and Sam ignoring him…Poor little Biggie.  But Sam realizes (I guess) that the crate in front of him was his when he was a pup.  So whenever the door was open, he would get in and actually was able to squeeze his whole body inside that little thing.  So right now, Sam is waiting for me to slip up and leave the room.   Sam is definitely aware that I have left the door open.

Biggie is napping and Sam is still waiting for me to leave  that door open and leave the room. Lol, Biggie looks like he’s doing the dead man’s float.  (Click on the picture to enlarge and look at his front and back legs)

By now, they  are sick of me and they see Alana coming home from school.  FRESH MEAT!

Well, that was my adventure this week and now Biggie is home with his family.  Bye Biggie:)

Be Well and Happy!

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