Mosaic Flop…

  To start my New Year’s resolution,  I checked out a book from the library called Perfect Paper Mosaics by Susan Seymour.  She’s awesome, by the way!  And being afraid to bite off too much, I wanted to try a small simple inexpensive project and thank goodness for that because I put this project right up there with paying bills!  I bought a cardboard box from Michael’s for a couple of  bucks (spray painted it black) and a poster board for .49, so I really don’t have anything invested (thank goodness) because this flopped! As you can tell I couldn’t even muster up enough enthusiasm to finish. It just looks bad… very bad… 

      At the start,  I used spray adhesive on the front side of a black poster and the back side of my shiny decorative paper, put them together and used a brayer to get out the air bubbles.  After that dried,  I marked off 1/4 x 1/2 in. cutting grid on the back side off the poster.  I cut the tiles by hand using a metal ruler and a wallpaper knife.  It look good as I was cutting, but as I was gluing the pieces to the box it became the beginning of the end.  The pieces weren’t even by tile or row.  So, I had to stop. 

   If I really want to complete a paper mosaic, I will have to invest in a rotary system that has a cutting mat as well as a slotted cutting grid that is made for sewing and quilting.  If I wasn’t planning on making curtains for the house or a desire to refashion clothes.  I wouldn’t even bother.  The system could get pretty pricey, but I’m seriously considering it.  So, there still maybe be a project in me yet.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but for now I’m moving on.

5 thoughts on “Mosaic Flop…

  1. I can’t really even see it to comment, a bit too small my dear. But, I know I struggled with a similar project although it wasn’t mosaic. The glue was the problem and I am racking my brains to think how I accomplished it in the end. I used a bog basic free box, if you go hunting on my blog, I converted it into a mystic box for my son for photos. I am pretty sure the spray glue was a flop and I used the tacky white stuff in the end which was much more successful. Not my best project either …..but, I wouldn’t mind having another go….I think you need too as well 🙂 Mind “mosaic”, how to make things difficult, LOL

    1. It was too sparkly for a good close-up and you know I can’t take a good pix even under the best of circumstances,lol…I will definitely have a look see on your blog. The spray glue worked great, but it was very messy and sticky! I didn’t like the the prep time at all. I will give it another try after I have healed from all of the paper cuts. I agree, I’m going to turn the library book back in and just make it up as I go, lol

      1. Thank You! The box is so beautiful and I’m sure he loves it! I have some white glue and I’m going to try that. Yes, You’ve inspired me to give it another try:)

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