Pearl Bracelet…

I’m back!! I know it’s been a while, but with the upcoming holidays my posts will be sporadic.  I have been pretty busy and trying to find some Christmas spirit!  I have been making Christmas goodies that have been loads of fun and seemed to be a good place to start. I have no idea what I’m going to do with 10 loaves of Icebox fruitcake though.  I hope  it can be frozen.  I have two Christmas favorites Applenut Cake and Icebox fruitcake. It’s doesn’t feel like Christmas without them. I didn’t  bother with making the cake, because nobody makes it like my mama and she makes my sister and I one every year for our birthday:)  One year she even sent us one UPS!  I did make her icebox fruitcake and man that stuff is gooood!  It’s more candy than cake and it’s yummmmmy! Then, I have been making David and Alana watch every sappy Holiday movie I can find from Lifetime, Family and Hallmark channel which is an awesome payback!   I guess next comes putting up my ugly,  sad little tree that no one wants to decorate, but me. It’s like living with two rocks. 

Anyway, on with the bracelet… It was so simple.  I just used memory wire and beaded vintage pearl beads from my stash.  I didn’t have any end beads so I just bent the ends. I think pearls are elegant on their own and should be made with a simple and light designs.  I loved using the memory wire because it gave the illusion of small strands of pearls, but could wrapped it on and off of your wrist, which I think is pretty much the style these days.    The bracelet is part of a Christmas gift and I think I’m going to wrap it around the present like a bow.  I hope she like it.

Be Well and Happy!

2 thoughts on “Pearl Bracelet…

    1. There is going to be a good one on Hallmark Saturday along those lines it’s called “An Old Fashion Christmas”. I think it comes on at 8 (but check to be sure) I can’t wait to watch it…And David is going to love me watching it on his TV, NOT! But I am… phahahaha PBS Huh….I’m going to check it out…

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