November 29

    I bought this little 5 x 7 cross stitch kit when I was pregnant with Alana,  over fourteen years go.  You read it right, fourteen years.  I wanted to put this in her room, but I guess I should have held on to it a few more years and maybe put the names of my grand kids on it..NOT THAT I’M IN A RUSH! 

     I’m really not that slow a crossstitcher.   I just kept losing the kit and it became outta sight outta mind.  Then, Wednesday as I was cleaning out my art room I came across it.  I had debated on whether to finish this or not.  But since it’s AEDM, I thought, “What the Heck!”  So I sat down, and I made myself get it doneI don’t find cross stitching very satisfying ’cause I’m not very good at it.  You should see the back of this looks like a thread and knot war, it’s Horrrrrible!

 I had also found two more kits that need to be finished.  One is soccer themed and I had bought that when Alana was in the 6th grade and the other is some kind of flower garden.  Somehow  I will have to make myself complete them, because I hate to waste more than I hate cross stitching, lol.   I could throw these in my handy-dandy travel bag.  When I get bored on trips, it could give me something to do.  I’m on a time crunch with the soccer theme.  I only have four years to finish that one, and I don’t think I can make the deadline before Alana graduates..

Have a creative day!

Be Well and Happy!

5 thoughts on “November 29

  1. I understand the “delayed” project. She will surely appreciate this more now, than she could have as an infant. I am working on a baby blanket for my grandson who is now 8 months old. If I don’t finish it by Christmas, then maybe for his first birthday, or maybe by the time he starts kindergarten : )

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