November 16


I made these eggrolls last night and  they do look kinda strange so I thought that they would be a good contribution to AEDM this morning.  They are a lot of fun to make (believe it or not) but they were a lot more fun to eat!  Below is my recipe.  I make these with ground beef, but you can substitute with turkey, chicken or pork. 

1 head cabbage shredded

1/2small bag shredded carrots

1 lb. or so cooked ground beef (crumbled fine)

1 can of bean sprouts or (fresh)

soy salt to taste

1 bottle of PEANUT OIL (for deep-frying the eggrolls)

Mix all ingredients together (except for the oil and soy sauce) in a large pot.  When ingredients are somewhat tender add soy sauce to taste. When the veggies are fully cooked,  drain ingredients in a colander to get rid of the excess water, but don’t press down on the filling. (It will burst the bean sprouts).  Fold eggrolls per instructions on the pack  and then deep fry in the peanut oil.  Peanut oil will not get as hot as vegetable oil and keep that golden brown appearance until your last eggroll. ENJOY!

Be Well and Happy!

3 thoughts on “November 16

  1. Mmmmm! I’d love to eat them. Isn’t that the reason that we enjoy making food in the first place? Deep frying kind of scares me, but these look so worth it.

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