Acrylic on Drafting Film

   I love this painting  and did I say that I love this painting….cause I really want you to know that I love this painting, hee hee…. This took me about two weeks and many hours.  Suffice it to say unless my speed picks up, I don’t believe anyone could afford an acrylic pet portrait from me.  Although it was time-consuming, it really was’nt difficult, but I think if the coat was fluffy it would’ve been much harder.  I’m a slow painter and the only downfall I have with acrylic painting  is that the paint dries too fast in the palette.  I found a stay wet palette for decorative painting for a big total of $6.00 and that’s much cheaper than an “artists”  stay wet palette.  It has 16 wells, a water cup (with a lid) in the center.  I used that in combination with Liquitex palette wetting spray and my paint lasted the whole 2 weeks!  The downside to my palette is that the wells are not very deep, but that’s it.  Oh, and the drafting film was fun to paint on too:)

   Be Well and Happy!

9 thoughts on “Tabby…

  1. Fantastic detail and incredible eyes. Nice work, I have never thought of slowing down the drying time of acrylics. I like oils for that but the smell drives me crazy ~ perhaps it is something to think of. Oh & lovely new zentangle below too since I last paid a visit 🙂

    1. Thanks Chrissy! I don’t say this much but I’m pleased with how it turned out:) The drying time of acrylics is a big reason that I don’t paint very much… well, one of them anyway. I feel sick when I have an inch of dried expensive paint that I have to throw away…I’m a hopeless, I guess. My dad paints in oil and you are right about the smell it’s overwelming and it’s so messy! I’m glad you like the zentangle too:)

  2. Holy hannah, that is one purrrfect little face that you have captured in acrylics. I too find them frustratinf to paint with because of the quick dry time but love the intensity of color for certain pieces. You are one talented gal! Enjoyed visiting your site.

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