Graphite on Bristol Smooth

     I guess summer is officially over now as today is Alana’s first day back to school.  It makes me a little sad and lonesome.  We had a fun time together even though her idea of learning to draw was to color drawings that I completed! She’s a slick one!  I hope she has a great year!  Well, enough of being melancholy, on with the drawing!

   This is Beamer the dachshund.  I have never met a more camera-shy dog in my entire life.  Beamer would be playing along happy go lucky then when the camera came out the only shots that I could get were of his backside!   I didn’t use a flash, so couldn’t have been the light.  This was a really strange situation  because even though I ended up with this shot, there was a lot of unnecessary stress that was put on the dog by me.  I don’t like that.   I really don’t know what to do if this comes up again, maybe I could let the dog sniff my camera  or something… Beamer is a sweet loving little dog.  What if I get a big, not so sweet, not so loving dog who is as camera-shy.  I don’t want to get my arm taken off to the shoulder!  Maybe I should talk to the vet when I bring Sam in for his shots.  Better to be safe than sorry.  

  Thank you Beamer’s Dad and Sorry about that Beamer!

3 thoughts on “Beamer…

  1. Such a handsome looking dog! Very nice shiny eyes(welldone!!) and I really like how he’s smiling and all happy 🙂
    Awesome job with the fur by the way, it’s absolutely fantastic~!

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